Bridging the IT Infrastructure Devide for Modern Business & Enterprise

D-TECH is an experienced system integration expert offering technology that are in line with business objectives irrespective to the size and nature of your business Our commitment to customer service and integration capabilities are reaected in the success we have achieved in executing small scale to large complex projects. Our strategic business alliances with world renowned technology brands further have enabled us to deliver highly professional integration services that are robust, scalable, efficient and innovative and result oriented for your business. Our integration services include consultancy, system integration and project management of IT services that provide application and enterprise systems integration, business continuity planning, contact center infrastructure, data centers, enterprise management, network integration, platform integration.


Genuine in our Dealings

One of the major and important reasons why our customers have trusted us to fulfll their requirements is our genuineness. We are bold and genuine enough to tell 'NO' for any requirement which is out of our extreme scope or involves delivering a sub-standard solution. We are transparent in all our dealings and keep our customers updated about all stages of solution deployment.

Professional Approach

We at D-Tech have a strong process oriented SOP in terms of handling all projects - star ting from understanding the requirements, to chalking our implementation blue-print to execution. We are one of those few solution providers who have ISO certification from a very nascent stage.

Single Point Source

Large businesses and enterprises have multiple infrastructural requirements. It proves to be a costly affair for them in terms of time and money to find and manage multiple vendors. In D-Tech they will find a right resourceful partner as a single source that will sufice all technology needs.

Attention to Details

What gives us an edge to D-Tech is how we execute minute and smaller aspects of solution implementation, which are often likely to be ignored. May it be as vital as integration of technologies or as miniscule as uniform cabling – a neat and flawless execution is our signature style we proudly boast of.

Speed, Precision and Quality of Services

At D-Tech each individual carries a sense of ownership of tasks. Driven by a singular objective of speed and quality of services to our customers, we strive to get it fast and right at the first time. We take our commitments seriously.

Experienced Expertise

With a rich legacy of more than 20 years, D-Tech has fulfilled comprehensive and complex solution needs of more than 500 enterprises. With each customers serviced, the depth of our experience have increased. This has made us more capable to fulfill any complex and comprehensive need of enterprises.

Association with Top Brands

D-Tech represents many of the world-renowned brands. Its commitment and quality of service have enabled D-Tech to be honored as a preferred partner by brands like Microsoft, Dell, HP, Hikvision, Matrix. With business association of more than 10 years with these brands, D-Tech has been serving its customers with qualitative solutions.

Technology Consultant

We keep ourselves updated about latest technology trends and new innovations being introduced. We strive to bring these latest innovations at service of our customers. When customers partner D-Tech, they get much more than mere system integration services. For them it's a technology partnership of harnessing new solutions delivering desired results in sustainable way.